Pet Seat Cover

TRAVEL IN A CAR WITH PETS without having to worry about your car seats. Use our car seat cover for dogs and cats to take your pet on a trip or picnic and protect your car interior from mud, hair and scratches. Made with high quality heavy-duty waterproof polyester for durability and comfortability, the Clicks Pet Seat over sturdy fabric with a waterproof coating (protects from all kinds of liquid) stays in place and doesn’t slide around.

FREE SEATBELT HARNESS AND COLLAPSIBLE DOG BOWL – It comes with seat belt openings with velcro closure and seat anchors. The 2-Pack Seat Belt Harness is designed to latch into your car with ease. The Dog Bowl is BPA Free and FDA Approved to ensure the safety of your pets.
NON-SLIP, DURABLE AND SAFE DESIGN -Ensures maximum comfort to your pet while he travels in the car with you. The non-slip surface helps to prevent your pet from slipping every time you apply the brake.

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EASY TO INSTALL AND USE AND GREAT FOR ALL CAR TYPES – Universally designed to be suitable for any type of car, trucks, SUVs or vans. It can be installed in a hassle-free manner and that too in just few seconds. It is Machine washable and convenient to use. It is lightweight, portable, and ideal for travelling and storage. Save money on dry cleaning, save time on cleaning the car after a trip.
THREE-YEAR WARRANTY – With a 3 Years no-questions-asked replacement guarantee, you are ensured with satisfaction, including the best customer support anybody could ask for. If our pet seat cover doesn’t serve your needs or meet your standards in any way, just contact us even if it is 1 year from purchase! It’s that simple. We want happy customers! You won’t find that with brands like Clicks.