Do you prefer putting your TV on an outdoor deck patio or by a pool? If yes then you know the importance of having an Outdoor TV cover. An Outdoor TV cover provides all-season protection to your valuable television, regardless of where you want to use it whether it’s inside your home, or just by the patio. An outdoor TV cover is important especially when you want to spend your holiday at the beach, or any other place you want. Using a cover on an indoor TV outdoors is only designed to protect it against light rain, light moisture, and dust.

The Outdoor TV Cover by Clicks is exactly what you need if you’re looking for an affordable yet elegant way of protecting your outdoor television with the different elements of weather. Here are a few reasons why our Outdoor TV Cover stands out among the rest of the products out in the market:

Image from Dennis Crawford

  • DUST-PROOF, WATERPROOF, WEATHERPROOF TV Cover that provides year-round protection for your Television. It comes with a microfiber cloth to help you clean, dust and polish without using use of any cleaning chemicals.
  • 100% COVERED – DOUBLE STITCHED for maximum strength, provides the best protection for your outdoor television. Openings are with Velcro straps that are very durable compared to zippers.
  • FITS FLAT SCREEN TV’s AND DISPLAYS – Measuring 42 x 26.5 x 4.5 inches, it is compatible with double wall mounts and single walls mount. Our TV Cover is designed with features to speed installation, which also has a cover for your remote control
  • HAS SOFT INTERIOR FABRIC that will not scratch your TV and will help you protect TV’s or monitor’s display
  • GUARANTEED TO LAST – With a 3 Years no-questions-asked replacement guarantee, you are ensured with satisfaction, including the best customer support anybody could ask for


Our Outdoor TV Cover has been getting a lot of positive reviews from our customers. We’d like to quote one of our valued customers, Dennis Crawford, on what he has to say about the Clicks Outdoor TV Cover:

“I’ve literally been looking for an Outdoor TV Cover for quite some time. When you have an outdoor TV (like I do) in the gazebo, you want to make sure it’s protected from rain, dust, wind, etc…. I ended up buying some form of chair cover and putting it over mine the past few years. It looked ugly, big and baggy, and generally a pain to use. I had an opportunity to receive this for free or at a substantial discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review. It couldn’t have been more perfect as I hated what I had – so let’s talk about how this product performs.

First off, it comes in a package that’s closeable so you can store the cover back in it for the winter when you take your electronics in. That’s a nice touch. The cover is made of durable materials and is heavyweight — but still light enough to put it on or take it off with ease. There’s full-length Velcro which makes it even easier to put on/take off. It also works great if you have a single or double mount for your TV — I don’t happen to have that but if you did, the Velcro is perfect. And there’s even a storage pouch for your remote!!! This company thought of everything!!

The inside is soft so it doesn’t scratch the screen. It’s just a perfect outdoor TV cover! Even if I had to pay full price for this, it’s still a bargain for sure! I couldn’t find anything like this at any of the big hardware stores…. I didn’t even know this type of cover existed. THANK YOU for making a product like this!!!”

This is again one best TV cover that you can get at an affordable price. It is equipped with non-scratch interiors and has a remote control pocket with double stitch for added protection. It is sun, water, and mildew resistant. It fits snugly onto all the 40-42-inch TVs. It is specially designed to suit all the freestanding applications. Buy one today and enhance your TV protection.

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Outdoor TV Cover 40″ – 42″ – High Quality Weatherproof and Dust-proof Material with FREE Microfiber Cloth. Protect Your TV Now!