For many people, a sock is just a couple of pieces of fabric you wear on your feet to help keep you warm and add a little extra protection when you wear shoes, and that’s about as far as it goes. For others, however, a sock can actually be an important part of maintaining health, and without the right kind of socks, discomfort can develop that can degenerate into full blown illness. For people that suffer with diabetes, this is a very real problem. It means that diabetics have some special needs, not just with diets, but even the kind of clothing that can be worn, and the right pair of socks is part of that equation.

Here are some fun facts about your feet:

  • Both of your feet have about 250,000 sweat glands.
  • Your feet produce as much as one cup of sweat each day and they are most active when you’re running.
  • Fungi and bacteria love warm and moist places, and your sweaty feet are just the perfect environment for them to thrive.
  • These microbes can cause a host of problems such as bromediasis (smelly feet), athlete’s foot, and other infections.

Diabetes is a condition in which a person experiences high blood sugar levels for sustained periods of time. Diabetes can eventually lead to many different complications like stroke, kidney failure, cardiovascular disease and even foot ulcers if you live without the proper treatment and care. Foot ulcers happen when the foot itself doesn’t maintain proper circulation or healing, and thus, the normal wear and tear, pressures, and friction that a normal foot recovers from on a daily basis doesn’t happen with a diabetic.

It seems like we’ve got the solution for you! Introducing the Diabetic No Show Socks for Men and Women by Copper Clicks.

Diabetic Socks

These Copper-Infused Socks has anti-bacterial and antifungal properties according to Research. It prevents foot odor and significantly reduces the likelihood of foot infection in DIABETIC PATIENTS. Copper also has anti-inflammatory properties that help reduce the symptoms of arthritis. These revolutionary athletic socks are made with copper-infused fabric and made of the highest quality materials with excellent workmanship. This is the kind of running socks you absolutely need to wear!

These Diabetic socks can also come with special anti-bacterial properties. This is because the more common fungal infections that can prove to be an embarrassment or inconvenience to a normal user can present significant health challenges for a diabetic. Even the risk of infections or fungus through sweat can be addressed with the proper treatment of material in a diabetic sock. Copper won’t stop your feet from sweating, but it will stop your feet from stinking! Copper is naturally anti-microbial and anti-fungal – it kills 99.9% of the bacteria in the socks and on your foot. With bacteria dead and gone, there will be no stench at the end of the day. You’ll also be protected from athlete’s foot and other harmful foot bacteria and fungus.

With socks that are machine washable and attractive as well, you can give your feet a break with compression socks that make a real difference in the way you feel. They retain their shape and their ability to provide effective compression each time you wear them. The way that you appear to others is often the result of the way you feel, and it is difficult to hide pain when you experience it. Our Diabetic No Show Socks for Men and Women can make a significant difference in your comfort level.

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Diabetic No Show Socks for Men and Women – Perfect for Spring – Moisture Wicking, Copper Infused Socks That Kills 99.9% Bacteria with Antimicrobial Fabric from Copper Clicks.